On Busyness

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Busyness isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. There are few things as damaging—and potentially soul-destroying, as busyness. As Blaise Pascal once noted, busyness sends more people to hell than unbelief.  -JD Greear

I’ve heard it argued that busyness wasn’t the problem, hurry is. Jesus was busy, busy with the important stuff, but he was never hurried. He always made space for those who needed Him and what was essential for His mission. And I think in the sense of the article you could probably interchange the two terms and come away with the same principles.  JD’s four strategies to win the busyness battle are:
  1. Sleep
  2. Refuse to worry about tomorrow
  3. Create some margin
  4. Observe the sabbaths
Which of JD”s four points could you focus on? Or need to?

Faithful with Fifteen Minutes by Rondi Lauterbach

We often waste the precious time that we have lamenting that we don’t have more. Jesus knew firsthand about limitations, since he took on our limits in the incarnation. – Rondi Lauterbach

The article brings up the point of no matter how busy you are, you can probably scrape out 15 minutes to invest in bible study. Fifteen minutes per day ends up being over 90 hours per year. This makes me wonder how much time I waste annually? Not that you have to be productive every minute of every day (there is a place for silence, solitude, and just being). But I know I waste a lot of time doing stuff that doesn’t deserve my time. How about you? When have you last audited your time?

Podcast Episode of the Week
Meeting Your Family’s Needs – Family Life Today
Starting at 1:10 to 13:00 is a powerful example of a dad being involved in his kids’ lives (he put his 12 year old daughter in jail). Men, we have to be involved with our kids, the consequences are too great.


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