October Whetstone Newsletter

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Welcome to the October edition of the Whetstone Newsletter!

This month we’ve got articles on what it means to be a man, how affairs begin, Luther’s “modern” view of marriage, and mobile technology in the home.  I’ve also linked to a fantastic interview with a former Navy Seal and a video on how everything you know about time management is wrong.

Articles of the Month

5 Things I Misunderstood About What It Means To Be A ManRory Vaden

Rory shares, “some of the places where I screwed up”, and offers a great contrast between what our society thinks makes a man and what a “real” man is. Check out the video below for more about Rory including a cool story from his childhood and his male influences.

How an Affair Really BeginsTim Challies

One of the great misconceptions about affairs is that they begin with sex. Affairs do not begin with sex.

Tim expands on the 6 “e’s” of extra-marital affairs that Tommy Nelson uses to describe the “ease” with which they begin. Eliminate, Encounter, Enjoy, Expedite, Express, Experience. If you find yourself on the E-Train, get off at all costs!  Find a trusted friend and get some help and counsel from them.

Luther’s Surprisingly “Modern” View of MarriageChaplain Mike

A short but interesting read on how Martin and Katie’s marriage was much more “progressive” in it’s day.  Stay tuned for November’s podcast of the month for more on Luther and the Reformation.

Home AloneMarshall Segal

Digital leash, Crackberry, Iphone, Android.  All terms synonymous with technology that frees us, yet has imprisoned us more than we want to admit. Marshall writes on 2 lies that keep us chained to our phones when we should be present with those around us. The lies that the world needs me and that I need the world.  Here’s my challenge to you: Start a phone free zone or time in your house. Phone free in the kitchen or at dinner time. Because, “Undivided, undistracted attention is a precious commodity and gift today.”


Podcast of the Month

The Scariest Navy Seal and What He Taught MeTim Ferriss

230 pound ex Navy Seal Jocko Willink (click on the link at least to see his picture) is interviewed on everything from his workouts, the Battle of Ramadi, to Seal leadership principles.  I found this to be an extremely fascinating interview. Language warning, however not from the Navy Seal as you might expect, but from the host.

App of the Month

BeyondPod – or really any other podcast app for that matter. BeyondPod is my podcast app of choice though. Podcasts are one of the best ways to learn on the go. There are also a great way to expose your kids to positive information and material on car rides. For the next month instead of listening to bubble gum for the brain (commercial music station crap) put on a language learning podcast, history podcast, or bible podcast. In the coming issues of the Whetstone I’ll highlight some of my favorite podcasts and episodes.


Video of the Month

How To Multiply Your Time | Rory Vaden | TEDxDouglasville

One more item from Rory Vaden! I just finished listening to his book “Procrastinate on Purpose” and found his take on time management to be a refreshing change from most everything else you hear on the subject. The video below provides a great overview of his perspective of time management or rather self management.


That’s it for this month.  Please comment below on what is one action step you will take from this month’s newsletter?

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Stay Sharp!



The Future of The Whetstone

I started the Whetstone Newsletter in January this year with an ambitious goal of a weekly publishing schedule.  That proved to be a bit much for me to maintain at the beginning. I was hurriedly writing the evening before the next issue was due.  I didn’t feel that I was able to give my best on several of the issues because of my procrastination and schedule. I also began to doubt myself. Can I really do this? Is it worthwhile? I don’t have anything worth sharing. There are so many other and better newsletters/blogs out there for guys, mine isn’t needed.  The doubt and negativity continued.

Summer provided me the excuse to hit the pause button for a bit on this experiment. I signed up for a paid course on platform building (platformuniversity.com). Part of the course work was to survey you guys. So, I sent out a survey and hounded you to let me know what you want in a newsletter. The results, especially the comments, were very encouraging to me. Over 50% responded to the survey! From what I know about emailed surveys, that is an excellent response rate (Thank You!). So as a direct result of the survey and some wise counsel from mentors and friends, I’ll continue the newsletter. But, with some changes.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Monthly Newsletter – Published the 2nd Wednesday of the month.
  • Unscheduled Posts of original writing by your’s truly.
  • More articles, videos, and podcasts in each newsletter. With a longer interval between issues comes the opportunity to add a little more content for you

Here’s what’s staying the same:

  • The best hand picked links and commentary to thought provoking articles, podcast episodes, books, and quotes – without the noise and fluff.
  • Encouragement and strategies to live out your calling as a leader in your home, community, and work.

Again, thank you for your support of the Whetstone Newsletter!  Start looking for the next issue beginning October 14th and continuing the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Stay Sharp!