August Whetstone Newsletter

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AFF Team Delivers First Creative Camp in Haiti – American Friendship Foundation

It is a simple and obvious philosophy… Haitians are going to find the answers to Haiti’s issues. Investing in teachers and students, specifically in their ability to tackle tough problems and work as a team, is a great partnership opportunity for us.

Read about my friend Kris Neese’s work in Haiti with the American Friendship Foundation.


Technology steers what 2 billion people are thinking and believing every day. It’s possibly the largest source of influence over 2 billion people’s thoughts that has ever been created.

The attention economy. That is the currency of today’s internet. Time (attention) is money. Apple, Google, and Facebook don’t care about you, they want to sell you to other companies. So they manipulate your attention. Autoplay, notifications, streaks hijack your mind into spending your time the way Apple, Google, and Facebook want you to spend your time. And you don’t even realize it. Romans 12:2 says it best: “2Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Our minds are being transformed… tech.

Rethinking Christian Calling – Kyle Borg

Discerning God’s will and guidance comes to us in the Bible and we need to be content with that. The specific details of his individual plan are things that can only be known in retrospect.

Calling is one of those tricky concepts in Christian life. Ken wrote about it last week. He wrote, “I say I want to know God’s plan. I say I want to know my purpose; or rather His purpose for me – my calling. But maybe I should be asking myself why I want to know these things?” 


The Manipulative Trick Tech Companies Use to Capture Your Attention – Tristan Harris

 Here’s the TED talk referenced in the article above. As Christians, we need to be intentional about what enters our minds. Are you in control?

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