The Future of The Whetstone

I started the Whetstone Newsletter in January this year with an ambitious goal of a weekly publishing schedule.  That proved to be a bit much for me to maintain at the beginning. I was hurriedly writing the evening before the next issue was due.  I didn’t feel that I was able to give my best on several of the issues because of my procrastination and schedule. I also began to doubt myself. Can I really do this? Is it worthwhile? I don’t have anything worth sharing. There are so many other and better newsletters/blogs out there for guys, mine isn’t needed.  The doubt and negativity continued.

Summer provided me the excuse to hit the pause button for a bit on this experiment. I signed up for a paid course on platform building ( Part of the course work was to survey you guys. So, I sent out a survey and hounded you to let me know what you want in a newsletter. The results, especially the comments, were very encouraging to me. Over 50% responded to the survey! From what I know about emailed surveys, that is an excellent response rate (Thank You!). So as a direct result of the survey and some wise counsel from mentors and friends, I’ll continue the newsletter. But, with some changes.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Monthly Newsletter – Published the 2nd Wednesday of the month.
  • Unscheduled Posts of original writing by your’s truly.
  • More articles, videos, and podcasts in each newsletter. With a longer interval between issues comes the opportunity to add a little more content for you

Here’s what’s staying the same:

  • The best hand picked links and commentary to thought provoking articles, podcast episodes, books, and quotes – without the noise and fluff.
  • Encouragement and strategies to live out your calling as a leader in your home, community, and work.

Again, thank you for your support of the Whetstone Newsletter!  Start looking for the next issue beginning October 14th and continuing the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Stay Sharp!


2015 Reader Survey Results

The results are in and I’ve finally had a chance to look at them.  First, to all who took the survey, THANK YOU!! It was extremely helpful and insightful.  I also really appreciated the words of encouragement.  Again, this was a completely anonymous survey.

Without further ado….the results:


The average age was 48 with a range of 23 to 71.


Not suprisingly, 100% Male






Religious Orientation:

100% Evangelical/Christian/Lutheran


useful content



useful content









































What do you make of the survey results? Surprised, not surprised? Comment below.


I’ll be following up with my analysis of the results as well as a message about the future of the Whetstone. Stay tuned!


Stay Sharp!


On a break



Thanks for stopping by. The newsletter is on a break.  I’m taking the break to learn about my audience, plan the future of the newsletter, and see what needs to be changed to make this newsletter/blog serve you better.

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Example Blog Post


Why Magnetic Headlines Are Crucial for Your Posts

Welcome to Rainmaker. This is a sample post to get you started on your journey. Don’t forget that your headline is the most important aspect of writing a great post, and getting readers to read your opening paragraph. The first four to six sentences of your post are critical, because if you don’t hook your audience, they will get bored and click away. What is the benefit you will provide readers that you promised in the title? Be sure to describe the signs of the problem you will offer a solution to toward the end of your post.

Use subheads to improve readability and gather interest

Here you can begin to describe the underlying causes of the problem you have the solutions to, using persuasive arguments and great storytelling, and readers will have no choice but to read more.

Subheads help readers scan your content quickly

Bullet points are helpful to keep your copy reader-friendly, and a proven standard for making a solid argument:

  • Tell a great story, but don’t over-write it. Be authentic!
  • Use internal cliffhangers to entice readers to read more.
  • Use a great image to make an impression on readers from the start.

Subheads draw readers’ attention to your call to action

When you provide real solutions and insights for your prospects and customers, you build trust and authority that will allow you to deepen the conversation further with an opt-in or call-to-action. Sign up here! This is where a compelling call to action makes it clear to your readers what they need to do next to implement your solution. Good luck!